Welcome to my new website!

Hello to all my visitors to this my new website.

I am so excited.  This is the very first time that I have set up a website.  I am having fun trying to figure it all out and set it up.

I hope to keep you informed of what I am doing.  As a busy sole parent, psychiatric nurse and musician... plus all the drudgery of chores, bills etc, I hope that I get some regular time to keep this website up to date.  I also hope that you will let me know what you would like to know about me, my music etc.

Recently, I have had a very musical 2 weeks.  On Fri 2nd Aug, I saw Kevin Welch at a house concert and then attended his songwriting seminar with a bunch of my songwriting colleagues from our songwriters' session in Kensington.... (More info on the session later...)... on that weekend.  It was an inspiring weekend, which saw me drag out a song that I had been stuck on and ask for some feedback.  Since then, I have tried to fix it up and was also inspired to write another song as well.  This I posted on Facebook, and have received lots of positive comments about it.

Then I saw my hero and great folk icon - Joan Baez on her visit to Melbourne last Thursday - 8th Aug.... She was brilliant!  Despite a loss of strength in her higher register, her low register was still warm and honeyed, and I loved the new songs and the re-worked old songs in this register. I last saw Joan in about 1985 when she last came to Melbourne.  I don't think she will return, so it was important that I went to see her.  I would have loved to visit her back stage and tell her about the show I had written for her - 'Shining'... but alas, it was not to be.

Tomorrow (17th Aug), I am going to see Don McLean... I also last saw him sometime in the 80's.  I loved his old vinyl albums... some of my favourites were 'The homeless brother is my friend'... 'Winter has me in it's grip'...and 'Crossroads'...so many that weren't as popular as 'American Pie', but still great songs.  Now that I am more focused on songwriting, I am also interested in what he is writing now.

On Sunday 18th Aug, I am off to Andrew Pattison's Troubadour Festival.  It's the final (and 35th) festival with all sorts of wonderful people including Eric Bogle.  I have taken the day off work on Monday as annual leave, so that I can stay as long as I like at Kyneton, without feeling the need to rush home and get to bed, so as to get up for work early the next morning...

Re -the songwriters' session.  For those of you who are songwriters who are interested in sharing songs with your peers and maybe hearing some comments about it, I run a session at Hardiman's Hotel in Kensington on the last Thursday of the month in the back room.  I was inspired to do this, after I attended a Nashville Songwriters Association Songcamp in Nashville last year.  It was attempt to keep myself focused and motivated in writing songs, by bringing new songs to the group.  So far, I have had great feedback and a bunch of us attended Kevin's workshop earlier this month.  I will post the photos on the photos page.

For those of you who just love to sing or be a part of a group that enjoys singing, I co-facilitate a singers' session at The Quiet Man in Flemington on the 3rd Wed of the month and regularly attend another at Hardiman's Hotel, Kensington on the 2nd Tues of the month.

If you would like more information about any of this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I will keep you posted about the fun I've had on the weekend.  I am going to close off now so that I can go to bed as it is nearly midnight.

So long my friends....Keep in touch.

x Suzette.

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