Joan Baez/Bob Dylan – “Farewell Angelina” 

The iconic duo of the 60’s folk era, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, wowed audiences with their live duets. In 1963, as the reigning ‘Queen of Folk’, Joan’s endorsement of the promising young songwriter played a huge role in Dylan’s early rise to fame. Dylan states “...something told me she was my counterpart, that she was the one my voice would find perfect harmony with…” (Chronicles Vol. 1).  Suzette is well known for her outstanding tribute show to Joan Baez – ‘Shining – A Diamond in the Rust’, which received a rousing standing ovation at The Port Fairy Folk Festival and at all festivals around Australia. 
Join Suzette Herft and Patrick Evans as they recreate the magic of this iconic folk duo that earned a place in our hearts and psyche and in our musical history.

"The Times They Are A Changing” - A snapshot of folk songs that have challenged the status quo and have been part of the landscape of social revolution and change over the years. (1 hour/ 1.5 hours)  

It seems that these songs are even more relevant now as young people take to the streets to call or action and change on issues that matter to them.

"Come mothers and Fathers throughout the land

Don’t criticize what you can’t understand

Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command

Your old road is rapidly ageing.

Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand

For the times they are a changing."


Songwriting 101
Do you want to write a song or better songs? Learn about the structures and tools of songwriting. Where does inspiration come from? How do you make your melody or words seem more exciting? Come along and hear Suzette Herft share her learnings and experiences of engaging the Muse. 
Classic Sing-a-long
Sing-a-long to the classic hits of the last few decades, with songs from the voices of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Neil Diamond to name a few. Suzette Herft is a seasoned master at facilitating sessions with a vast repertoire under her various musical hats. Come along, bring your voices and your instruments, join in and have some fun singing the songs of yester year. 
The Seekers - A World Of Our Own
 The Seekers were the first Australian pop group to sell over a million records as well as knock the Beatles of their No. 1 spot on the Charts and the first Australian group to top the US charts with ‘Georgy Girl’.  Judith Durham’s stunning, bell like voice, the harmonies and the songwriting was the alchemy that turned The Seekers into gold and found their way into our hearts.  Come and join Suzette Herft and friends for a sing-a-long tribute show to this wonderful Australian music group recently honoured with the Order of Australia as The Seekers celebrate their Golden Jubilee … 50 years since their No. 1 Million selling hit “I’ll Never Find Another You” in 1964.