On Saturday, I went up to Marysville. I went up to meet the man who has restored my beautiful Maton Southern Star guitar on two occasions. The very first time was in 1980. I was only young then, but my friend who had visited the factory to get his own guitar fixed knew that I was looking for a quality guitar and had asked if the broken down old guitar he saw in the window was for sale. This guitar, was being used by the guys at the factory to jam on. But, if there was a buyer, they would fix it up and sell it to me. Unknown to me at the time, Christopher Ffinch fixed it up and I became the proud young owner of my Southern Star. The second time, was in 2001, when my son who was 3 years old at the time, fell backwards, bum first onto it and the whole front of the guitar caved in especially where the deep crack in the centre had been. I was absolutely devastated. When I took it back to Maton, Patrick Evans from Maton, referred me to Chris, who was working out of Soundworks. Chris took one look at it and said... 'I know this guitar, I've repaired this before'... So, my beautiful guitar was brought back to life for the second time. Finally, I got to meet Chris yesterday after 15 years, through the wonderful medium of Facebook. 
I am so grateful that there are wonderful luthiers who give life to instruments; the instruments in turn give life to the artists who make them their own, and the music that comes out of those instruments, gives life to those who listen to the music and are touched by it. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play for Chris and his wife... so the life giving has come full circle. Thank you Christopher Ffinch for the gift you give us with your instrument making. My beautiful Southern Star has the stains of my tears and sweat and has been instrumental in every song I have written... My heartfelt thanks is not enough to thank you. X

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