Farewell Angelina: CD
  • Farewell Angelina: CD
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A live studio recording of songs from ‘Farewell Angelina’
(A tribute show to the iconic folk duo of the 60’s – Joan Baez and Bob Dylan).

Suzette Herft and Patrick Evans have been working together as a duo since late 2014. Whilst they are both award winning songwriters and performers in their own right, they discovered a special magic when they combined their talents. Together they create a magical musical experience with their blend of harmonies and instruments. Following on from Suzette’s successful tribute show ‘Shining’, that celebrates the life and times of Joan Baez through story and song, Suzette and Patrick thought that a show focusing on the story of the coupling of Baez & Dylan would be worth telling in its own right.

In 1963, as the reigning ‘Queen of Folk’, Baez’s endorsement of the young promising songwriter played a huge role in Dylan’s early rise to fame. Dylan states “…something told me that she was my counterpart, that she was the one my voice would find perfect harmony with…” (Chronicles. Vol.1.) These duets of Baez and Dylan resonated with audiences. We hope that these duets created by Suzette and Patrick, have struck a similar resonant note.

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